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Anti-seismic performance.

VetroIn has patented INWALL, the first anti-seismic wall in the world with external flush glass.

Innovative glass processing.

Cutting-edge techniques performed in the dedicated in-house plant, to dress glass and technology aluminium.

Specialised technicians.

Team of experts with a passion for design that creates modern and comfortable partition walls.

Design and

Transparency and functionality inspired the glass partition walls of the Brescia-based company. Sober single-panel walls or advanced double-slab systems, classic wall units, partition walls and storage units, innovative partitions with recessed guides: the Castel Mella company designs partition systems for every need and environment.

VetroIn has been able to evolve the glassmaking experience, begun in 2001, so as to provide transparent architectural partitions to architects, clients, construction companies and contractors who know how to give a touch of refined design. Exclusive projects created thanks to special and cutting-edge interventions, such as laser processing, fabric and wood layers, LCD films to adjust transparency, front projection and rear projection systems that personalise glass partition walls and, consequently, environments.

Through technical experience and expertise, customers have at their disposal original tools to redesign office spaces and create pleasant, functional and representative environments. All this being able to count on an experienced partner, able to propose customised solutions quickly and efficiently.

Who is VetroIn
aimed at?

Manufacturers of glass partition walls are dedicated to the office world. The customers of VetroIn are architectural firms in Italy and abroad, construction companies and contractors charged with designing and defining the business spaces of their customers. The company therefore puts at their disposal the know-how and design of Made in Italy for results that often exceed expectations. Furthermore, a structured network of distributors and agents allows the company to cover the Italian and foreign territory to meet the demands of business and office furniture throughout the peninsula.

and Quality.

Continuous research on materials and a passion for design have found recognition in the ISO 9001: 2008 quality and LEED® certifications for reducing noise pollution and improving environmental comfort. The attention paid to the environment and its protection has activated the environmental management procedure in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 14001 standard for design, production and installation activities.


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