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All the innovative workings of VetroIn are carried out internally, at the Castel Mella site:

Glass processing

Glass processing

extruded aluminium glass wall

Aluminium processing

All processes are carried out directly in the factories of the Brescia-based company to ensure direct control of product quality and customisation. The production cycle is completed with the assembly of the components and the installation of the accessories based on the needs of the project and the preferences of the customer.

The production of glass partition walls stems from continuous research into materials and processing techniques. The will is to propose new solutions that respond to the evolution of spaces and work environments. Functionality and design are the “rays” that pass through the glass partitions and that also illuminate all the production phases.

The goal of the Brescia-based company is to support architectural firms, construction companies and contractors in defining spaces and setting up environments with a unique character. Not only light passes through glass partition walls, but also the passions of companies that choose these solutions to define their offices. The functional solutions of VetroIn with a unique and special character can be remembered.

The quality of production is demonstrated by the certifications obtained by the company: ISO 9004: 2008, CE, LEED® and UNI EN ISO 14001 marking. It presents itself as a reliable partner that guarantees ad hoc solutions to divide up the spaces and create a precious continuity between the environments.


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